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Marketing Automation

The automation of your service offers you the opportunity to streamline your processes & thus reap the benefits of a smoother, slicker service that is sure to make you stand out from your competitors. Everything from payments, to taking bookings for classes, to providing content for diet plans is taken care of by Planitappy’s automation; and the results are phenomenal.

Sales automation is a necessary step for business looking to grow, and has been throughout the decades ever since the technological revolution. The sales process is a complex one and is often dwelled upon, taking up valuable time & resources that could be spent elsewhere. Most importantly, this can easily be resolved with the implementation of a high-quality sales automation tool.

When we think of automating processes through technology, we often focus simply on sales automation. However, overall customer service is a giant part of every successful business and being uncontactable can really affect the image of your firm.

Planitappy allows you to be accessible 24/7 by providing a platform for customers to pay for your service, check out timetables & find out FAQs. Say goodbye to lost clients as gaining clients is now taken care of by an online booking system that you can rely on – no more worrying about missing messages and calls. So on top of providing a high-quality sales automation service, you can also rest assured with all your other crucial business processes.

Automating the parts of your business that you can is a necessity to the development of your business as it facilitates you to focus on the parts of the business that need your expertise to thrive. Let Planitappy mind your daily admin, and you can focus on delivering your service!

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