Cardio vs HIIT for client training programs

Cardio vs HIIT – The weight loss & fat burning argument 

In this blog we will talk about the benefits of each of these styles of fitness training and what we think is the preferable option for gym trainers to implement in their fitness programmes for clients looking to shed some pounds.

Cardiovascular exercise (also known as aerobic exercise) is great for the heart, lungs, mood, quality of sleep and even longevity. It also increases your oxygen intake as well as improving heart rate levels.

But the main purpose cardio training has always been used for is burning fat and losing weight.

Examples of cardiovascular exercises – steady pace running , cycling, swimming.

HIIT is short for High Intensity Interval Training.

HIIT training is great for keeping fit on the inside and the outside. It also promotes excellent fat burning results and increased metabolism, as well as providing an athletic look, if it’s implemented regularly.

It is a style of fitness training where you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods.

Examples are – circuit training , sprinting, body weight workouts at an intense pace.

So the question is , which is the better option for gym trainers to use on their clients?


The Comparison of Cardio vs HIIT for Client Training Programs

The number 1 reason why the majority of people begin to exercise is to burn fat and lose weight to improve their health. So what is is the best way to go about it? We believe HIIT is, and here are 3 points why HIIT wins the Comparison of Cardio vs HIIT.

1.Quality over quantity

Steady Cardio burns 50% of calories from fat , and HIIT burns 35% of calories from fat. But don’t be fooled…

Compared to HIIT , it’s the slower more laid back option and certainly not the most productive way burn fat and here’s why.

Let’s say your client runs 40 minutes on a treadmill , burns 250 calories, and 50% of that is 125 calories burnt from fat.

Now, if they spend 20 minutes doing HIIT they will burn 380 calories and 35% of that is 133 calories burnt from fat in half the time!

2. Its Convenient

The great thing about HIIT is that you don’t need any machines, in fact you don’t need anything contrary to cardio training with the exception of outdoor running.

As a personal trainer looking to start your solo career, investing your time in learning about HIIT workouts will enable you to host classes cost free and really help you starting off.

3. A Better Look In The End 

When you part take in Steady state cardio for long periods of time, its been found to deteriorate muscle tissue and decrease testosterone levels. As well as decreasing the body’s ability to absorb glucose after training.

On the other hand, HIIT has been found to increase your testosterone levels, and improved the ability to absorb glucose post training, this enables the body to keep on to the muscle you have while losing fat giving a more aesthetic pleasing look.


No matter which of these options you choose for your clients, rest assured you can plan them both using our Personal Training Software.

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