Is fear holding you back?

Fear can be defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm. Fear, like any other emotion, is inevitable. It is something that each one of us is guilty of letting control us. We tend to avoid things because we fear them irrationally. Fear has held you back for long enough – this should not be the case.


The cold truth about fear is that it can cripple you if you let it. How many times have you chosen to avoid a certain situation, or a certain person, because you were afraid of the outcome? As an athlete who has been injured on a number of occasions, I can safely say that the fear of being injured increases your chances of injury. Our brains are the most powerful and complex organs in our bodies. This can be said for anything in life; if you fear always getting sick, chances are you will be sick more often than others. Stressful thoughts or fears can seep into our subconscious and actually create physical distractions, leaving you feeling physical pain too. With that being said, it is important to take control of fear and not let it control you.


Fear is a liar

Fear can do one of two things: it can immobilize us, or it can motivate us towards the direction of self-improvement. If you were a car salesman and were told you had to sell a car or you were out of a job,  I’m pretty sure you would sell that car. You’d find a way; you would step out of your comfort zone and you would think of new ways to sell it. Fear as a motivator can be tricky though, and only works in certain situations -if you are not given a second option or path to follow then fear can paralyze you.


Being afraid of ridicule is ridiculous. Being ridiculed or judged are two of the many things that create fear in us on a daily basis. But what is that fear actually worth? We are all afraid of how we are seen through the eyes of others and what people might say behind our backs. You do something strange and out of the ordinary, you dye your hair purple because it’s your favourite colour. Some will judge or laugh and some will admire your courage. Those who judge and laugh have their own insecurities, hence why they feel the need to put other’s down. Their negative thoughts are short-lived and soon forgotten about.


Success is inevitable

Success lies at the other end of fear.  Getting over the fear of being judged is one of the most important steps towards achieving success and happiness. In order to overcome fear you must first take failure out of the equation. If failure isn’t an option then success is inevitable. And if you can’t possibly fail, what do you have to be afraid of?  Every failure is a learning experience and a positive can be taken from it, which means that nothing can truly be considered a failure.


The feeling of fear is a reminder of being alive – if we couldn’t feel this basic emotion we’d be lifeless. Fear can control us if we allow it, or it can enhance our quality of life. Fear tells us to avoid unfamiliar situations, not to write that book and not to ask that person on a date. If fear had it’s way nothing would ever get done. All that is required to overcome fear is a few moments of bravery.

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