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Nutrition Database

Planitappy contains a nutritional database which is of huge importance in today’s day and age. There has been a massive shift in the health and fitness industry of late towards a greater focus and scrutiny on calories, protein/carbohydrate/fat content and levels of vitamins and nutrients in food.

The built-in nutritional database provides users the opportunity to track what they’re eating, and to discover whether or not they are eating in accordance with their goals. The business-owner can upload daily recipes to the platform to be seen by all members – and at the same time upload tailored individual diet plans for each member so that they can achieve their goals. These can be uploaded at any time so should a change be needed, this can be done in real-time.


Meal Planner

Nutrition plays an essential role in your body’s ability to achieve your health & fitness goals. But every personal trainer, nutritionist or dietician works in different ways. Some health & fitness practitioners like to have more control over exactly what you should and shouldn’t eat on any particular day, whereas others prefer to offer some guidance.

Whatever path you choose, rest assured you can do it with the Fitness Battle System:

  • Provide flexible meal options
  • Create a strict meal plan with set meals on set days
  • or simply recommend consuming certain foods and abstaining from others – letting the client decide exactly what they should cook/eat on the day.

Not only that but there is even the option to can help you shop for your nutrition plan. Complete a shopping list at the touch of a button, even order your products online or send an email, preferably to your mother – so they can be delivered to your door!

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