Secure, Online Payment Processing

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Convenient, Secure Payment Processing

Facilitating online payments is again of major benefit for both business-owner & member/client. The reasons for this are numerous, but let’s start with convenience. From a client’s perspective, classes are far more accessible. This is because they now have the capability to pay for a class from their mobile device instantly. Many potential customers intend on attending a class but when the time comes, they may decide against it last minute, and the majority of these customers regret their decision to skip the class almost immediately. Providing them with the ability to pay online instantly will increase customer lock-in, ensuring that these customers have to attend the class as they have already paid for it.


Automated Payments, Reminders, Easy to Keep Track

From a business perspective, you can expect a higher attendance at your classes due to the convenience of online payments, to see your revenue increased as your clients can pay easier, and you can expect to see more free time with which you can focus on different elements of the business. Planitappy alleviates the stress of collecting money each class manually and stores it in a single repository for you.

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