As a business owner, everything seems like a priority. Your time is very valuable and you can’t possibly get it all done. Yet this is just one of the many challenges you face whilst building your business. Given that your mission is to grow; developing strategies to find and retain clients must always remain your priority in order to maintain profit. Our whole purpose at Plan It Appy is to make you a more efficient fitness business owner. Here we will outline how our services assist you in tackling your challenges!

Efficient time management

Our mission at Plan It Appy is to make your administration less time-consuming and more efficient. That way, you can spend more time doing the things you love; talking to your clients, promoting your services, winning new customers & helping your current crop of customers achieve their goals.

There are a number of ways we go about achieving this. Our Barcode Registration System is a perfect example. Whether it’s a simple daily attendance register or as a means of recording who has turned up for each of your classes, there is no longer any need to struggle on with pen, paper and excel sheets. As a High-Performing Fitness Owner you can’t afford living without it!

Another example on how to save time and increase productivity is use of our Automated Billing System. This alone simplifies a number of your administrative tasks by managing recurring payments of memberships and once-off payments.

Our multi-purpose Online Shop allows your clients to purchase anything from fitness classes, online fitness and/or nutrition plans, recurring and once-off services, to physical products such as supplements, sports nutrition drinks or even a pair of boxing gloves. There’ll be no need to employ someone to stay behind the counter to register clients, take payments for membership services, consultations or bookings.


Finding your ideal clients

Imagine your class has become so popular that you decide to schedule another slot during the week. Instead of wondering how to find new clients or second-guessing your most loyal ones, a more efficient way would be to use our Data Analytics in order to identify the profiles of your most loyal attendees, so that you can secure your potential clients more easily (see previous blog post).

Retaining clientele

The formula for success is simple enough: keep your clients happy and they will inevitably come back. Even the biggest of fitness fanatics will get discouraged if they were to arrive at your fitness class only to discover that the class is fully booked or even worse, that it had been cancelled. Such service failures not only drive existing clients to disengage—you can be sure it will also drive off prospective ones. It is essential therefore, that you give your clients the opportunity to book their visits in advance via our Online Appointment Scheduling. This efficient approach will also reduce your no-shows by sending automatic reminders to clients who have already made a booking with you.

In addition, you might like to know more about our Event Alerts System. No longer is there any need to be spending the whole afternoon phoning clients to inform them about a last minute cancellation. Instead, within a handful of clicks you can easily formulate clear and precise information regarding any subject matter and then go on to deliver the messages instantly.

Our Progress Tracking System helps maintain a client’s course by continuously monitoring, assessing, requesting and providing feedback on their progress. We use a scientifically validated scale to better understand motivation for physical activity and exercise. We take the pain out of you monitoring your client’s body measurements & weight, exercise times and daily nutritional intake, by providing you and your clients with an efficient, automated progress tracking system.

Combining exercise and nutrition is the best possible path to achieving good health and overall fitness goals. As a nutrition specialist or fitness trainer, you can choose from numerous recipes provided in our Meal Planner. You can also monitor clients’ daily intake of carbohydrate, protein, and fat or branded or unbranded calories. This is crucial, in order to be able to help your clients lose or maintain weight and improve strength.


Maintain profit

Shortage of Time and money are quite often THE two biggest causes of stress for a business owner. It’s critical that as you build and grow your business, that you have the financial freedom not to worry about paying your bills or covering the basic needs of living. Maintaining a reasonable profit margin is paramount. To do that will require the use of a number of tools that not only give you a clearer picture of your current financial status, but also helps forecast your future financial outcomes.

We can help you kill more than two birds with one stone, i.e. make your services more competitive by reducing expenses; save you time, increase your productivity & performance, take the stress out of your admin by using more advanced tools and technologies; not to mention give your business image and level of service a boost by implementing a more professional series of hi-tech solutions.


Thank you for reading this blog post. If you feel like sharing your ideas or requesting more information about our products, do not hesitate to contact us or in fact, feel free to request a demonstration.

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