Trying to sell classes, services or even fitness and nutrition plans to your clients without fully understanding them or your business, is like flying an airplane without any navigation; you may reach your final destination, but you’ll most probably get lost and crash, or your competitors will arrive before you. This blog post explains how our Data Analytics will help you to navigate your fitness business towards where you envisage it should be – successful and thriving.

Ask the right questions

The most creative, successful people in the world tend to be experts at asking the right questions. Finding an appropriate solution for a shortage of customers, or for developing a better marketing strategy, starts with raising questions: How many people attended the ‘zumba’, ‘conditioning’ or ‘spinning’ classes today, this week or last month? What is their age, gender or weight? Can I find some trends? What are the busiest hours at my gym? Are there some seasonal business fluctuations associated with the number of attendees?


Manipulate data sets

Hopefully your curiosity has been triggered – you want to know everything about your business! Here comes the most exciting part: Plan It Appy has a suite of Data Analytics that can satisfy your curiosity and you’ll get instant answers to all your questions with the simple press of a button. Forget the old-fashioned time-consuming ways of calculating stats. We’ve come up with a multitude of ingenious solutions, just to make your fitness business more successful. For example, take our barcode scanning application, which allows customers to register for every class they attend. It’s quick & easy to use, yet very powerful. Combined with our data analytics software, now you’re able to analyze customer data per demographic subgroups (age, gender, weight, etc.), per duration (daily, weekly, monthly) or per activity (Body Pump, Aerobics or Yoga etc). This kind of info is invaluable when trying to fully understand your business and evaluate the types of people you are looking to sell your fitness classes and nutrition plans to. Remember, the key to success lies in effective marketing and being able to better adapt your services to the needs of your customers.


Create visualizations to communicate results

Good visualisation can help you to explore and understand data. At the same time, it can also help communicate this understanding to your staff, trainers and potential customers. The kind of graphical visualization we provide at Plan It Appy via our Data Analytics dashbord, will enable you to identify patterns, associations and trends from your dataset. Communicating data analytics in this way can help support senior decision-makers at your organization engaged in strategic planning, marketing and advertising to monitor performance on a daily basis, to understand where service delivery could be improved by allocating more staff during the busiest hours, by re-scheduling less popular classes, or targeting potential customers with profiles you have already identified. All our services come with the ability to track your user attendances, manipulate data sets and create graphical visualizations. For more information, register today and get a free 30-day trial and see for yourself:


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