Encouraging Water consumption for your clients

Hydration is one of the most under prescribed pieces of advice . Encouraging it can help both you and your clients.


Water consumption is extremely overlooked by coaches, the focus tends to be geared towards macronutrients, meal timings and new training fads.


As personal trainers or coaches, it is our job to help clients lose weight and stay “in shape”.
By encouraging clients to opt for water instead of a sugar coated coffee or an energy drink it’s going to decrease the overall number of calories consumed in a day. Where there is a calorie deficit, there is weight loss.


Why you should always carry water with you

Drinking only 500ml of water increases energy expenditure (the amount of calories burned) by 100 kj which further increases the chance of being in a calorie deficit and achieving weight loss. A lack of water or dehydration can impair client performance. Something as simple as getting clients to carry a two litre water bottle around with them can enhance their performance. The cliche fail to prepare, prepare to fail has never been more true. If your client is in the gym, work or school and water isn’t within arms reach the likelihood of them drinking water is slim to none. I recommend drinking 3 litres of water or more each day for females and 4-5 litres of water for males to promote proper functioning and optimal performance.

Water is key for a fully functioning body. The liver and kidneys rely on water in order to work properly, without it the body metabolises less fat. Water is necessary for proper digestion and nutrient absorption. It also plays a vital role in the transportation of minerals throughout our body and removal waste products from our bodies.


While being busy with all that constitutes life it is hard to think of every aspect of fitness and well being. We get our clients to eat the right foods and they’re exercising but they still complain about being tired and having headaches. Mild dehydration can even cause  a headache and can also be a trigger for migraines. I’m not a fan of prescribing medication unless it’s absolutely necessary and as a coach it is your job to help better the lives of our clients. Prescribing a higher water intake could alleviate your client’s symptoms leading to a decrease in both fatigue and headaches.


Water isn’t the first thing on any coach’s mind. But it should be, if your clients don’t have the fundamentals down and the basics right before being thrown into the deep end they’re not going to be any better than they were when started with you. More water means better results, a fully functioning body and a healthier mind. Water is one of life’s best medicines, it contains no calories, no prep time and it is free.

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